Costa Rica Hotel Guide: Tabacon Hot Springs Resort

Tabacon Hot Springs Costa Rica

Tabacon Hotel and Hot Springs is an amazing experience and adventure in the heart of the jungle, with the sounds and sights of flora and fauna. Enjoy the relaxing mineralized water heated by the Arenal Volcano and while exploring the hotel you will find dozens of hot springs with various temperatures, sizes and privacy.

Are you ready for a luxury adventure in the enchanting tropical forest of Arenal? Tabacon Hot Spring is a luxury destination with private hot springs and waterfalls.

Pictures do not do justice for the experience at Tabacon, while there are many hot spring in the Arenal region of Costa Rica, Tabacon creates a luxury experience worth the mountain drive.

Tabacon focuses on five main pool areas that give you the perfect option to find the best temperature pool for your relaxation.

The waters range from 77 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and the water is never re-circulator or re-heated but freshly heated from the Arenal Volcano and mineralized underground.

Tabacon is located on 350 hectares (864 acres) of private land close to the town of La Fortuna.

Tabacon is one of the oldest hot springs in Costa Rica. It has won countless awards over the years for Luxury, Travelers choice and Spas from reputable industry groups and respected publications.

Amenities and Packages

Review of the Tabacon Hot Springs Hotel

Tabacon offers countless amenities such as day passes with multiple food options, night accommodations and spa packages. How long do you want to stay in paradise?

You can get a one day pass with one or two meals included. An exclusive package in one of their 102 rooms customized for you or even splurge for an Award winning Spa package. They offer several type of rooms from beautiful rooms to luxury suites perfect for any family or traveler.

The senator suite is the epitome of luxury it has over 2000 sqft, a master bedroom, second bedroom, in-room jacuzzi and customized services. If you are looking for something more intimate try the honeymoon suite or the any of the socialized rooms.

Relax and let loose at the spa. This is not your average spa, each spa treatment is situated in an open air bungalow within the rainforest and surrounded with the natural ambience and sounds of the jungle.

Tabacon offers we and dry treatment with highly certified technicians that are carefully picked to give you specialized service you are looking for.

Want to get away from the kids? We all love kids but sometimes it is easier to enjoy the quietness. Tabacon offers a private Shangri-La Gardens area a secret hideaway just for the adults.

Experience the peacefulness and exotic animal sounds of the jungle by strolling through the paths and explore your way upstream to the hidden gardens. Enjoy an exclusive area only for hotel guest 18 and older. Indulge in the cocoon-shaped cabanas, snacks and delicious tropical cocktails.

Tabacon offers countless package options to find the right vacation you are looking for. Packages range from one day to multiple nights. They offer welcomes drinks, breakfast buffets and spa credits.

Destination weddings are also the new trend at Tabacon they offer different wedding and meeting options for any corporate or family getaway. Find what kind of vacation you are looking for at Tabacon.


Situated in the jungle of Arenal it is a mountainous jungle drive to Tabacon but worth the trip. Weather you are coming from the area of San Jose or Liberia be prepare to take a 3 hour drive from the Airport to Tabacon.

The mountain roads are windy but a beautiful sight straight from any fairy tale with great stopping points to view Lake Arenal.

If you are traveling from Liberia enjoy a scenic mountain drive and amazing historic view. Arenal Volcano is the youngest and most active volcano in Costa Rica with its activity dating back 7000 years.While the volcano was dormant for 500 years  in 1968 the Arenal Volcano erupted and destroyed three towns, Tabacón, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luís.

After the eruption the town of  Arenal was moved to the location it is at today. Locals say that you can still see the top of the church from the old town in lake Arenal.

Take a break on your way to Tabacon to talk to the locals and hear about their experience with different eruptions and photos of the volcano.

If you are driving from San Jose you will go through La Fortuna make sure to stop at the amazing town and walk around. La fortune used to be called El Borio, but the name was changed after the eruption in 1968 to La Fortuna which mean Fortune because the town was untouched during the eruption.

Both roads offer beautiful sights and a mountainous terrain, if you are unsure of the drive to Tabacon, the resort can help offer assistance in private transportation from Airports and hotels in Costa Rica.

Leave it the professionals to drive while you take in the amazing atmosphere and get a beautiful photographic tour.

The Local Flora and Fauna

Tabacon  Hotel and Hot Springs

The local wildlife is a huge part of Costa Rica, and it is an amazing amenity that can be under estimated when visiting Tabacon. While enjoying the serene location and steamy waters from Tabacon, relax while you listen to chirping frogs and humming crickets. You will see beautiful bright Macaws, Toucans, and maybe even a sloth.

The local fauna in Arenal is an amazeing scene, make sure to have your camera ready for the many tours available to view the creatures in day or at night.

With so many tours at the hands of your fingertips feel free to enjoy as many as you like. Then relax your muscles afterwards in the largest group of naturally flowing hot springs in Tabacon. The fauna surrounding the resort is a luxury itself. Bright exotic flowers and green lush forest surround the hot springs creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

The Food

One of the most important part of traveling is experience the taste of local cuisine. At Tabacon they offer a “Culinary Experience” that you wont find at any other resort. When you enter the restaurants you can smell the complex ingredients of each meal, as the top chefs use local ingredients to take your taste buds on another journey.

It is also extremely important to stay hydrated during your time at the hot springs, make sure to drink plenty of water and then take advantage of the four bars Tabacon has to offer with Tropical drinks perfect for the Arenal region.

While there are two amazing full service restaurants, if you are looking for something a little more private, couples can indulge in an intimate dining experience at the Ephemeral Table. A six course meal with a dedicated chef and candlelight setting in a bungalow.

This is a unique private dining experience that is two hours long and situated in the heart of the jungle.

Giving Back to the Environment

While visiting Costa Rica you will notice an environment friendly country. Costa Rica’s electricity was generated by renewable energy for 300 days in 2017, beating out its previous record in 2015 of 299 days. Tabacon is committed to promote awareness and education in sustainability within the hotel and the community.

The Sustainability Plan of Tabacon focuses on seven areas while protecting flora and fauna, archaeological heritage and a reduction of energy consumption.

The plan also reduces energy consumption and waste. While it is difficult to run a large and luxurious resort, Tabacon keeps its guest educated and aware of the conservation of natural areas and how it contributes fighting climate change.

When to Visit

Arenal volcano can be quite foggy most days, while this would not impact your stay at Tabacon it is a majestic bonus to view the Volcano.

The rainy season for the Arenal region is December through April, during the rainy season it may only rain half the day, or just one hour in the afternoon. The season creates a foggy cloud that limits your experience of the beauty of the Volcano and its natural surroundings.

Any time is a great time to visit Tabacon, May through October is usually clear and gives you a chance to view the volcano. Costa Rica has experienced a change in weather in the past couple years. While this has not effected the Tabacon area, if you are trying to plan a visit to view the area try avoid the rainy season.

Let’s Go

Tabacon offers amazing countless amenities for relaxing and luxurious travelers. Spend the day indulging in mineralized hot springs with fresh mineral water heated by the beautiful Arenal Volcano.

If you have the chance to visit Costa Rica, make the trip to Tabacon Hot Springs you will be amazed by the lush atmosphere and relaxing sounds of nature. While there are numerous hot spring in Arenal, Tabacon offers an experience like no other. With their adult only areas, award winning services and culinary experiences it will be a trip you will always remember.

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