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Costa Rica FIshing

Costa Rica Fishing - Charter a boat with the Costa Rica Fishing Authorities for nearly 20 years!


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Costa Rica Fishing and Charter Boats

Central Pacific Coast - Quepos Sport Fishing

Tamarindo Charters

Golfito Charters

Costa Rica Fishing Lodges

  • Drake Bay Fishing The most extensive fleet of custom designed sport fishing vessels available on the southern coast of Costa Rica.
  • Golfito Fishing Something for every member of the family in Historic Golfito. Reside in Zona Americana style and enjoy championship Blue Water Fishing.
  • Crocodile Bay Puerto Jimenez The best combination of Offshore and Inshore fishing in the world. Offering all your favorite Costa Rica sport fishing options, including live bait, trolling, casting and fly fishing.
  • Golfito Marina & Lodge Your classic Costa Rica sport fishing lodge located in the heart of Golfito overlooking its calm-water bay.
  • Silver King Fishing Lodge Located on the Rio Colorado in the ecologically wild life preserve known as Barra del Colorado. This new deluxe sport fishing lodge offers you 23 Ft. Closed transom deep V. hull, unsinkable, fiberglass boats.

Tico Travel: Costa Rica Fishing Charter

For almost years we have enjoyed being the pioneers in the Costa Rica Charter Boat industry. If you take the time to properly research your Costa Rica fishing options, you will see that there are many out there selling Costa Rica sport fishing packages. As a client, how do you know which one to choose? Not only do we offer the absolute best rates, due to our special relationship over the years with the legendary charter operators, we also proudly offer the following unique credentials that no other company can offer.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing

As former Costa Rica charter boat operators we know what it takes. Sometimes you need to burn more fuel to get where the fish are. Are you fishing where the fish are or closer to the run home? Who is the crew? There are many great boats but not an unlimited number of great crews and they move together so its important to know where they are.

At Tico Travel we give you unbiased opinions. We change our menu of Costa Rica charter boats and lodges as needed. As crews and owners change so does the quality of the operation and it makes the difference between a spectacular fishing experience and a boat ride with lousy chow

You get the benefits of the volume of people using Tico Travel. According to our airline partners Tico Travel sells more Tickets to Costa Rica than the biggest online names in Travel like Expedia, Travelocity etc, and as a result has airfares and most importantly LIVE AGENTS that can answer all you questions regarding airfare and travel to Costa Rica. Our fishermen-friendly first-class Costa Rica hotel Accommodations will help make your Costa Rica Fishing Vacation an unforgettable experience

Tico Travel is also more than a website. We are an ARC certified bonded and insured travel company. We have offices in Fort Lauderdale and in the Costa Rica capital of San Jose since 1992. Our agents are professionals with many years in the business and have visited and inspected every Costa Rica Charter boat and Costa Rica hotel on our site MANY MANY times. Joining the Costa Rica Fishing mailing list will also get you first shot at exclusive specials and informed about important issues!

We also offer Condos and Villas rentals for your Costa Rica Fishing Vacation!

 Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica

Caribbean Coast Fishing Packages

Tarpon and Snook Costa Rica Adventure Caribbean Coast, 3 to 7 Day Costa Rica Fishing Packages

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Lodges

Silver King Fishing Lodge Located on the Rio Colorado in the ecologically wild life preserve known as Barra del Colorado. This new deluxe sport fishing lodge offers you 23 Ft. Closed transom deep V. hull, unsinkable, fiberglass boats.

Costa Rica Fishing Information and Charters

Finding the right the Costa Rica charter boat for your party is something that requires expertise and many years of "local knowledge." That is why we maintain experts in both the U.S. and Costa Rica to ensure your trip is a success. Who wants to risk an entire trip on out dated information? Good captains move from boat to boat, depending on many factors.

Tico Travel makes "local knowledge" their business and we ONLY work with those that we know provide a quality product. While the list of the boats on our site is not "exhaustive" they are boats we stand behind for service and quality. We work with many great boats not named here, but we do prefer to start with those named here. Call us to see which is best for your group(experienced anglers, older anglers, young adults or true fly or inshore experts) and we will make sure to pair you up with the right team.

When looking for expert advice and suggestions on Costa Rica fishing the publishers at Florida Fishing Weekly contacted Tico Travel for the best boats and up to date information. Look for our monthly updates in Florida Fishing Weekly on the latest Costa Rica sport fishing action!

Costa Rica Fishing Information

Fish of the Pacific Coast

  • Marlin in Costa Rica - Marlin are the most prized game fish in the world
  • Costa Rica Roosterfish - Roosterfish are one of the most sought after and exciting fish of the inshore species that roam the entire west coast of Costa Rica

General Information

  • Tarpon Fishing - The King of Costa Rica Sport fishing
  • Snook Fishing - There are eight species of snook that call Costa Rican waters home

Sample Costa Rica Fishing Packages

Costa Rica Fishing Calendar

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